About Us
Who We Are
We launched GetConnect IPv4 Brokers after serving IPv4 Market Group since May 2011 in the capacities of Partner/EVP Business Development (Jeff Mehlenbacher) and Manager Contracts/Project Management (Emma Mehlenbacher). We are a registered Canadian Company based in Toronto Ontario Canada. We bring considerable energy, service excellence, and deep IPv4 transfer facilitation experience to our Sellers and Buyers alike. We will apply ourselves to your requirements 24 x 7 and provide the very best in service quality, transparency, knowledge, contracts and transfer competence.
What We Do
Legally-binding and policy compliant IPv4 transfers is our only business. We focus exclusively on this discipline and will contract /20 or larger seller blocks for transfer to buyers in ARIN, RIPE and APNIC regions. We do not dabble in leasing, small block sales or IPv6 migration consulting. We do one thing and we do it exceedingly well. Our process is simple:
Companies with excess IPv4 resources sign a Broker Agreement with GetConnect which enables us to represent the IPv4 block(s) to interested buyers. The Broker Agreement will detail commission, term of representation, broker responsibilities and seller rights and responsibilities.
We align the seller's block(s) with interested buyers that are Regional Internet Registry (RIR) pre-approved for a transfer of like size. Market prices are proposed and honored.
Once agreement on price, timing, governing law, and currency is obtained between the undisclosed parties, we proceed to a Trilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement which simply enables the prospective buyer to inspect the integrity of the IPs.
Following the IP assessment, a Purchase Agreement is executed between the parties which also contains Escrow.com as the secure payment mechanism.
The transfer is submitted and approved by the RIR. The Registry is updated to reflect the buyer's right to use (ownership).
The funds are released from escrow by the buyer to the seller.
GetConnect invoices our seller for services rendered.
Combined Experience
Together, we have facilitated over 300 IPv4 transfers in ARIN, RIPE and APNIC regions. Broker Agreements and Asset Purchase Agreements along with payment mechanisms have extended beyond 35 countries working with small entrepreneurs and major global ISPs alike. Our success is anchored on responsiveness to our customers and an over-the-top ethical approach to conducting business. We work closely with the RIRs to ensure all transfers are policy compliant and no unexpected delays are encountered by either seller or buyer. Clear chain of custody for the seller and RIR preapproval for the buyer remain the lynchpins to an expeditious and compliant transfer of IPv4 resources. We will guide both parties entirely for mutual benefit.