GetConnect IPv4 Brokers will source your requested block size from our inventory of sellers at a competitive price. We ensure the process is as simple and expeditious as possible, providing all listed services with each transaction.
To get started with the purchase process, or to request more information
Sourcing IPv4 number blocks at market price from RIPE, ARIN, and APNIC regions.
All payments made via third party escrow service, to help protect all parties.
Provide all necesary legal documents: NDA, Purchase Agreements, Escrow Agreements.
Preliminary assessment of IP number block integrity (blacklisting).
Commission paid entirely by the seller, your total cost is limited to the cost of the IPs and any RIR fees.
We ensure the market price per IP is fully transparent across all block sizes. We will quote price per IP by block size based on the most recent prices paid by buyer to seller. There are neither premiums nor discounts, sellers will expect a fair market price and buyers can budget accordingly.
Prior to engaging a seller, you will be permitted to thoroughly examine the integrity of the IPs. Only then will you proceed to the Purchase Agreement stage.
In exchange for a fair market price, our buyers can fully expect a policy compliant seller with nimble capabilities to execute the transfer efficiently.
Your purchase price will be securely held until the transfer is approved by the RIR and the IPv4 range is reflected in your name on the Registry.
We will respond within 24 hours to any phone, email, text inquiry by you or your staff.