GetConnect IPv4 Brokers will market your block to potential buyers and bring you offers at competitive prices. We ensure the process is as simple and expeditious as possible, providing all listed services with every transaction.
To get started with the sales process, or to request more information
Marketing your block to reputable buyers at market price.
All payments made via third party escrow service, to help protect all parties.
We check your blocks for blacklisting and advise on the cleanup process where required.
Provide guidance on updating your RIR records when necessary (e.g., completing an ARIN 8.2 transfer).
Provide all necesary legal documents: NDA, Purchase Agreements, Escrow Agreements.
Our methodology is simple but absolutely battle-tested by legal departments around the Globe.
We will fully honor without compromise a first in first out (FIFO) methodology to selling your IPv4 block(s).
We will provide market updates to you in writing every 30 days should you have multiple IPv4 blocks for transfer.
Based on your position in the sales queue for the specific block size, you will be offered first right of refusal on any proposed price put forth by a qualified, preapproved buyer.
We will respond within 24 hours to any phone, email, text inquiry by you or your staff.
Your transfer will be 100% policy compliant with the RIR and funds will be guaranteed to your Company Bank Account.